Tags For Business Tax Reports

I understand that Tiller Community Solutions add-on (Google Sheets) provides the ability to add a TAG column in the Category sheet so you can easily generate category spending reports for items that are tax-deductible. Since Excel does not have Tiller Community Solutions add-in, is there a way of accomplishing something similar?

Can I manually add a TAGS column in the Categories sheet and then somehow generate a report at year-end of all my business expenses sorted by Group and then by category?


Hi @MoMoney99

I haven’t tried this in Excel, but it might work and you could probably use a pivot table to get you the report you wanted, but you’d need to also add a Group and Tags column to the Transactions sheet that automatically populates the Tag and Group based on what category you selected.

My suggestion would be add the Tags column to the right of the Type column in the Categories sheet if you’re going to try this.

I don’t have the formula you’d need to auto populate the Group or Tag column on the Transactions sheet.

Maybe @randy or @jpfieber have ideas.

You can add a Tags column manually. Traditionally that has been a column where you manually add tags that show up in tags reports, etc., and not related to the tags in the Categories sheet. I had inquired a while back about having a Group column, and I think there is a formula floating around somewhere, but including formulas in a table, which the Transactions sheet is, is problematic so I never enacted it.