Added Transaction Not Filtering

I am adding transactions to my foundations template and for some reason this time they are not included when I filter columns. It appears they still appear in my Monthly Budget tab however when I sort by date these new transaction do not sort with the other transactions. I can see there is a green line separating what sorts and what doesn’t, how to I include my new transactions?


While viewing the Transactions sheet, try toggling Filters off and on, using the toolbar button or Turn Off Filter in the Data menu. Typically, this refreshes the data range filtered to include all contiguous populated rows.

If you don’t get the desired result, check for empty rows among the populated ones, which would terminate the range being filtered.


Your a genius! It worked, thank you!!

Is there any chance you use the Import CSV workflow, @gloveman? That workflow can create filters that include date-range criteria. If you don’t clear those criteria out as @gregc suggests, that can cause the problem you’re talking about.

I haven’t tried importing a CSV file but will try that next week.