Column filtering is not working

I am using Google sheet foundation template. Filtering and sorting on all columns is broken. The behavior is consistent and repeatable. When I apply a filter on any column, it does not filter at all, instead it shows a few rows with the filter applied, then there is a thin green line, and then the rest of my transactions are displayed with the ones I was filtering for interspersed. Transaction below the green/gray separator line are not selected while the ones above the line are selected. I must have broken something - please advise how to fix. I have a tax appt tomorrow and not sure what to do…

Try selecting the entire sheet and toggle data filter off/on.


Mark, this fixed my issue. THANK YOU very much!!!

@Mark.S indeed has the right solution. For context, filter views in Google Sheets apply to a static range of cells, even if you initially define the range as unbounded e.g. A2:S. It assumes the last row of data available to be the end row so if you have 500 transactions, you end up with A2:S501 as the range. A good practice when using filter views is always to update the filter range when applying the filter.

Another “fun” factoid, if you try to use the split transaction tool while in a filter view, the “Get Selected Transaction” function will not grab the intended transaction. Instead, it will grab what I assume is the transaction row offset from the displayed row number and the actual row number.

I’ve actually been doing this today and it seems to work fine for me :thinking:

I just went in and gave it a go since it’s been a while since I tried. The first transaction was correct and made me think maybe the bug was fixed, but everything else (~10 randomly selected transactions) pulled up other transactions outside of the filter view. Updating the range didn’t help.

I’ve been doing many today without problems. Although, I will say I’ve noticed the date displayed in the Split Transaction UI is one day earlier than the transaction date. Despite that difference, the result maintains the Transactions sheet date.

Maybe it depends on what’s being filtered :man_shrugging:

Ah ha! I think you put me on the right track to resolving a long-time annoyance! It didn’t matter what I was filtering, even if the filter view was engaged without any filters, it was giving the same issues. However, I noticed that the sort order was changing when I toggled the filter view on and off. I couldn’t see any sorting applied to the filter view, but on a lark, I deleted my filter view and created a new one. No more issues!

Thanks for confirming it does in fact work, and that something was broken with my own view. :sweat_smile:

Nice! I’ll keep it mind for future use.

Do you also see the “Split Transaction UI is one day earlier than the transaction date” thing?

No, all of the transactions I select come up with the correct date. I do notice sometimes with the Add Manual Transaction workflow that it defaults to the next day, usually towards the end of the day. I suspect it is a timezone issue. Maybe the same is true of your Split Transaction UI issue. For reference, I am in PT.

I was thinking the same. I’m in CT (spreadsheet setting is also) and a default date midnight time would be the previous day in PT, so I tested it by changing the date time of a transaction to 2:00 AM and then the Split Transaction UI date matched my transaction date. I changed it to 1:59 AM (i.e. 11:59 PM PT) and it went back to previous day again.

Seems like a Split Transaction or Tiller Money Feeds bug.

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