Adding Manual Transactions


Hello. I wasn’t able to find the exact question I was looking for.
So here is my question.

Do you have to use the Tiller Money Feed Tool (Add Manual Transaction), to add manual transactions, or can you just enter the manual transaction in the TRANSACTIONS sheet? If you can use the transactions sheet, can you still reconcile the transactions?

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Yes, you can add manual transactions without using the Add Manual Transaction Tool.

I have a sheet called Recurring Transactions that looks just like the Transactions sheet. I copy and paste from Recurring Transactions into Transactions all the time - it’s much easier and faster than using the tool. It’s mostly populated with monthly bills, deposits, etc.

As long as you keep the Metadata field (in the Transactions Sheet) populated with the same format of {“manualTransaction”:{“reconcile”:true,“ignoredIds”:}}, the Reconcile feature still works like a charm.

Another question here, USAA is not connecting now so I added the last two transactions maunally. However on the balance screen the account is still greyed out and shows the incorrect balance.
How do I resolve this ? SO far I Added USAA as a maunal account but know it shows it twice on the accounts screen.

Blake, ive been manually adding balance entries for my existing USAA account and doing a weekly import of transactions using a csv and copying transactions

The process i use to add balances is on the balance history page and copy and paste the most recent balance and adjust the necessary date and balance columns

I also make sure to update the week and month columns appropriately as well.

Thanks very much, I just updated that way and worked like a charm

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