Adding more Types to Categories/Monthly Budget -Foundation Template

I would like to be able to use more than 3 types in the foundation template categories.

What I would like to accomplish is setting up the monthly budget to show more than Income / Expense.

I use 3 primary bank accounts.
Income Account
Monthly Bills Account (Static Expenses)
Monthly Discretionary (Variable Expenses/Spending)

In the Tiller Foundation Template, sheets:
Categories Sheet-
Type only allows for 3 terms in the data validation in the TYPE column.

Monthly Budget Sheet-
I need assistance with the array formulas… I think…
Row 16, Columns D, E, F, G
Example is I error here after changing data validation in catagories…

D16 =arrayformula(if(isblank(B16:B),iferror(1/0),if(counta($P$16:$P)=2,if(row($G16:$G)-row($G$16)>=max($P$16:$P),-1,1),if($S$16=“Income”,1,-1))*if(isna(match(row($B16:$B)-row($B$16),$P$16:$P,0)),if(isna(match(row($B16:$B)-row($B$16),$Q$16:$Q,0)),iferror(vlookup(B16:B,{$X$16:$X,$Y$16:$Y},2,false),0),sumif($V$16:$V&$W$16:$W,if(row($G16:$G)-row($G$16)>=max($P$16:$P), “Set Expense”,“Variable Expense”,“Income” )&B16:B,$Y$16:$Y)),sumif($V$16:$V,proper(B16:B),$Y$16:$Y))))

As well, I wanted to create each account a small balance tracker by inserting new columns for I (i) and J on monthly budget.
I want each to be linked to each account from Balances sheet.
I would like each to show Planned, Actual, Remaining, Target/Savings
For this I imagined
(Account Name)-> Categories!Type- sum of type for that month
Current deductions - Sum Transactions - column Category -Column amount
Sum Planned - Actual
Not a clue how I was going to accomplish this one.

Hi @bpriddy2011,

Right now we only support income, expense, and transfer types in the out of the box categories sheet.

If you want to experiment with adding another type to the Categories sheet you certainly can, and you’d do it by updating the data validation rule for that column in the Categories sheet to create your new type. However, this new type will not be supported in any of the pre-built dashboards in the Foundation template or Tiller Labs. You could leverage it in your own custom reports or dashboards though.

Hopefully that helps.