Advanced Google Sheets Workflows with Ben Collins

On July 10, 2019 we hosted a webinar with Google Sheets guru @benlcollins to cover some advanced workflows in Google Sheets and learn how to build a simple cash flow calculator by month as well as calculate your total spend in a category by month.

You can watch the webinar below and get the demo sheet here:

Demo Sheet

Click here to access the demo sheet
You can copy the sheets from this demo sheet into another Google Sheet using these steps.

Additional Resources from Ben Collins

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Heather, This cash flow by month demo answered the question I asked in a different topic. I will post in that topic too.
How do I access the demo sheet?
Is there an instrucion to add it to my Foundation sheet?


I updated this to include the link for the demo sheet.

I copied the demo sheet into my Foundation sheet.
The categories are correct.
I have data in 2019 but it returns zeros.
How do I change the year to 2020 and pull in the data?
I can see victory in the near future.

I think I need to add some columns to my Foundation.
If so, what are they?

@heather I discovered the Monthly Analysis tab is actually what I need.

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Sorry @Russellreno, I honestly don’t know too much about how the demo sheet works and how to modify it to do what you ask beyond what’s shared in the webinar. I’m glad you found the Monthly Analysis sheet helpful.

I’m The webinar was a great refresher

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