Weekly Cash Flow Budgeting

Hello, long time user, first time caller.

I’ve got the “foundation” understood. Categories are set up, autocat works, loving the tool.

However, I want to build weekly cash flow projections instead of monthly in the foundation. I have the “week” column in my transactions sheet.

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the delay in replying here @judd.a.rogers. Right now, there isn’t an out of the box way to get the Foundation template to show weekly cash flow projections. Perhaps consider adding a feature request though.

Some savvy spreadsheet nerd might have an idea, but I don’t have an official recommendation to share.

Hi Judd

See attached link for my current solution. It’s not elegant but it is effective.
You should be able to copy the yellow tab right into you workbook.

Tabs Comment
Outline Tab Layouts, Purposes, and Procedures
Legend Key for cell coloring and layout of cells and column comments
CashFlow Cashflow workbook tab

I think if dates were added to the categories budgeting forcasting could be automated further but right not the front end process of forecasting is manual. The back end of the process where the ledger is true-up to the transactions and tied out to the bank balance is automated.

Hope this helps

Good Luck



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Isaac - having issues accessing your solution via the link. Ideas?

Thanks for sharing this @idscott47. If you’re open to it, would love for you to write up and share via Show & Tell. I’m sure others would love to see something like this.