Amazon Order History Chrome Extension - how to best incorporate?

Hi - I just tried out this chrome extension which makes it pretty easy to download an itemized csv of the Amazon items you have purchased. It is much faster and easier than doing the privacy information request I read about in the official tiller guide.

I am wondering if @randy or anyone else can comment on the best way to integrate this into my workflow?

Can we update the csv uploader in the community tool to read the csv files from this extension?

Or will we need to reformat and copy and past manually into our transactions?


I tried this. It worked the first time I ran it but not the second. The download stalled shortly after beginning.

Clearing my search history and re-running fixed that problem. I was able to download my 2024 YTD and 2023 orders.

FYI, the csv file did not include any refunds or returns.

You’d need to do the following. We’re not in a position to update the import tool in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to support a different file format at this time.

@pmk Another thing you can do to make itemized Amazon transactions easier to track is to get the Amazon Store Card (Synchrony) and use that to make your Amazon purchases as it will load in your item purchase details straight into the Transaction description that comes into Tiller. Pros: Much easier than the other workflows. Cons: Requires getting a new credit card which may or may not be a good option for you.

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@heather I certainly understand the prioritization of project work and resources. Marking the request by @pmk as “Solved” can imply that the need is solved. I don’t think that is what you meant, rather, it probably means the post has been answered.

A cvs uploader can be a real good alternative process for many feeds that are not supported by Yodlee. I see it as a differentiator solution that can make Tiller Money rock. Is it possible to turn this request into an opportunity so it doesn’t get lost due to resource constraints? I would like to see the request to update the cvs uploader accepted to the list of enhancements, with a lower priority if need be. Or, how about a formal challenge for a community solution?


I already have a Prime Visa which I prefer b/c you also get 5% back at Whole Foods. Interesting the Synchrony card shows transaction detail in the description though.

You can have both! I use my Amazon Chase for WFM, and the Amazon Synchony for all other Amazon. Both are no fee and give 5% back.