Amazon Order History Page Gone?

The good new is that I’ve just posted an update to the Import CSV Line Items workflow that (mostly) works for the new Amazon Privacy Central CSV file. You will need to reload your browser tab to get the freshly-updated version of the Tiller Money Labs add-on that can run the new workflow.

The (very bad) news is… the more time I spend with the new format, the more I hate it. I have documented the many issues with this significant service downgrade in this topic.

TL;DR… The new format sometimes lacks key pricing fields making the import workflow lossy— possibly lossy enough to be unusable. Again, read more here if you want the details.

I think there may be some math we can use within the import workflow to leverage more dependable pricing fields, but I’m afraid the code modifications are then non-trivial and will require more time.

Sorry to not have a better solution, but Amazon has really crippled the order history that is available to customers.


:stop_sign: Actually, I’m pulling the new rule down for a bit. I just realized a problem with the way I mapped the fields. Sorry for the false start…