Amazon Orders CSV Export Discontinued

hi randy. it looks like amazon has discontinued the order download feature (Amazon Sign-In) :(. Any suggestions on how to manually categorize amazon transactions in light of this development?

Well… that’s a bummer. :frowning_face:

The big question is how we can reliably get the source data. If we have robust source data in a predictable, repeatable format, I’m pretty sure we can figure out a workflow to integrate it with our Tiller spreadsheets.

I’m not having a lot of great ideas :thinking: on how to get the data other than some kind of screen scraping of Amazon’s site. The “View Invoice” report is probably enough data for a quality integration with Tiller’s Transactions sheet (though it is many many fewer fields than in the old Amazon report). The challenge is that there isn’t a single All Orders page that has all the useful fields (notably the price for each item)… so the workflow would probably need to start at the Your Orders page and then automatically navigate into each invoice page and scrape the data there.

I’m not endorsing this solution because I have never used it— nor can I vouch for its security— but the functionality we are after is conceptually what this tool does… and the add-on stems from an active open-source project.

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