Amazon Order History Report going away on March 20th?

Amazon did this a while back in 2020 (Amazon Order History Page Gone?), looks like they are taking away the Order History report from consumer accounts again! They had brought it back for the couple of years or so. I assume everyone else sees this message on their page: “Order History Reports will be unavailable after March 20, 2023” I just wrote to customer support to complain, maybe if enough people do, they will not remove it.

I love your optimism. Assuming that this notice is, indeed, announcing the final death, there is a bit of a ‘what do we do now’ discussion over at Amazon Order History RIP

Hopefully some kind of some alternative method will emerge there.

I’m crossing fingers too that they reverse this like last time. It is imperfect but still so helpful.

But, last time, they did not announce its demise. I’m sure this is The End.

@randy, could you identify for us which of the CSV columns are essential for the Tiller import to function correctly? I, for one, would be interested in testing the degree of PIAness in keeping up a workable CSV manually but probably not if all fields currently there are required.