Amazon Order History Reports Never Generate

I’ve been trying to download Amazon transactions for a few days (to use with CSV import) but the reports aren’t generating. Is anyone else having this issue?

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I just tried a 30 day report, which usually takes less than a minute, and it’s been 5 minutes now and a number of refreshes and it’s still processing, so it seems somethings bogged down or broken.

OK, thanks @jpfieber. I’ve submitted a ticket with Amazon. I’m getting the run around, but not letting them off the hook!


Yeah, I’ve been having this problem for at least a couple weeks now. Reports remain stuck at 0% for…ever.

One Amazon person told me they were handing it off to the technical team. Then they dropped off and someone else came on who literally told me I’d been lucky to get to use it because it’s a business account only feature. (Very odd!) So who knows what the answer is…


I’ve read that “sometime in the middle of 2020, Amazon withdrew the feature even in the US”.

But it is listed on the Your Account page in the Ordering and shopping preferences section. I used it in May of 2021, but as of a week ago my report requests have also been processing… (supposedly)

I tried the Chrome extension, but it failed in a number of ways and no response yet from the developer.

Strangely I just got an email that a report was ready and it was. I tried to run the returns report and it’s still spinning. My wife’s account is also just spinning. So it is working…kind of!

Yea, I got a notification that the one I ran after your post was ready.

I’m having the same issue as well. In my case, however, my 30-day report I started on 12/26 is still spinning. I was able to run November’s report on 11/30 without any problems.

@turnepf, I was hoping that you alerted them to fix a problem for everyone. Today, my processing reports are listed as fail. I started a short one for last month, but that seems hung up already.

I appreciate you for persevering in getting through to support on this!

for the past six weeks or so, i’ve only been able to successfully run reports of 10 days or fewer. anything more than 10 days dies.


I wondered about that. I’ll try for shorter time periods too…

I hope the first customer support person was on the right track with a fix. Fingers crossed…

yeah well looks like i spoke too soon. i can’t even squeeze out a week’s worth now.

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Thanks, @susandennis. I broke my report down into a few shorter time periods. Hopefully, they will run successfully, but I haven’t seen anything in the usual turnaround time yet.

Oh man. What a drag. I wonder if they changed some internal data schema and the report-generating code is struggling with the new format or if it is some EOY crunch by users trying to reconcile their 2021’s or holiday seasons… :man_shrugging:

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Considering all of the outages aws has had over the last few weeks and whatever hell they may be undergoing over the log4j security issue, this is probably a very low priority for them right now

As an update, the report I started on 12/26 failed sometime in the past day. None of the other smaller reports have finished or failed as of yet.

I had same issue of reports taking for ever and after 3 days of waiting - I finally got the CSV, only to realize the seem to have “Item Subtotal Tax” messed up (@randy - bringing this to your attention).

See Amazon “Import CSV Line Items” extension isn’t adding any tax at all for any of items for Dec 2021 - Get Help / Ask Anything - Tiller Community (

UPDATE: It looks like some issue on Amazon side - I tried downloading the report a second time and the issue remained and then retried again a few days later and the 3rd time was the charm and this time it got fixed.

All of my generated reports after the previously mentioned failed report have run successfully as of 1/1/2022. I have another report generated for 1/1/2022 - 1/3/2022 to see if the processing time has improved. It still hasn’t completed processing in the typical timeframe, but I will report back once it completes.