Annual cash flow forecast

We are trying to keep an accurate forecast of how much money we will have left at the end of the year.

We are trying to find a report that shows us the forecasted annual cashflow (ie savings) based on ACTUAL data from previous months and BUDGETED data for the current and future months. The annual cash flow calculation in the existing YEARLY BUDGET sheet appears to show all budgeted cash flows (past and future), regardless of whether or not actuals were above or below the budgeted amount. It will be more helpful and realistic to utilize actual data from previous months, not budgeted. Is there such a report?


Agreed that this would be a great feature/template!

Do you mean annual net income or net savings? Or your cash flow?

There isn’t a report that meets the exact criteria you described. You can check out the projected balance template Add a Projected Balances sheet from Tiller Labs. I feel It is more scenario based and pretty manual. It also requires quite a bit of additional input in that it doesn’t pull in a lot of information from your current budget. It’s still worth a look.

I recommend adding your request as a feature request or voting on a current request. Here is a similar request from another customer.