Anyone Getting a 'NEVER' Error in the Debt Planner Tool?

In the debt planner, I am getting a red-coloured ‘NEVER’ in the Paid Off Month column, and have not changed anything for fear of removing a required formula.
Anyone getting this same error?

Just to help troubleshoot, do you have some items in a budget and some items not in a budget? And does your interest payments look right or are they negative?
I ask because I had similar issue.

This usually means your payments are insufficient to cover the cost of interest… so the debt is actually growing each month. Is your total in L5 more than Min Monthly Payment C7 and Monthly Interest H7? You can change your payment without overwriting formulas in Additional $ L4.

No, I’ve only put one credit card/loan into the planner so far and there is a budget assigned to it. I can’t figure it out!

I thought that too, but I’ve changed the amount to be a variety of numbers, including much higher numbers to see how it affects it, but the ‘NEVER’ box doesn’t change.
The problem is this: the note in L5 indicates this: “Input must be greater than or equal to =$C3”
Since C3 is just a blank cell with nothing intended to be in it, should it say C7?

I wonder if you have an old version of the template, @MattD. The reference to C3 is probably accurate from an earlier version of the template, but the current version seems to have that data validation message correct. Could you try upgrading or restoring the Debt Planner using the Tiller Money Labs add-on?

I’m also curious if perhaps the “never” issue stems from the interest percentages not being scaled correctly. Usually, the number “0.05” when formatted as percent renders as “5%”. Perhaps you have input numbers that are whole numbers (e.g. 500% interest) somehow due to cell formatting issues?

Thanks, Randy. Both good tips! Unfortunately, I refreshed the version and also adjusted the percentage as you recommended, but am still getting the error. It’s ok though, with only one debt item to include, I’ll figure it out, just wasn’t sure if I was missing something obvious. Cheers and happy new year!

Any updates, @MattD? Did you find the issue?

Unfortunately not. After refreshing the template and starting data from scratch, I wasn’t able to figure it out but I haven’t given it much attention the past couple weeks. I’ll keep trying!