AutoCat and Min/Max Amount

I’m creating a bunch of AutoCat rules, and I thought that in addition to my search criteria, it’d be smart to put an extra criteria of “Min Amount” 0 for anything that should have a positive value, and “Max Amount” 0 for anything that should have a negative value. That’d limit the potential for errors without losing anything.

However, after adding “Min/Max Amount = 0”, my AutoCat rule doesn’t match anymore.

So, for example, a row might have:
“Description Contains” + “Min Amount” + “Category”

Am I doing something wrong?

Min Amount and Max Amount are for specifying an absolute range, so both get used together.

Try adding an Amount Polarity column to AutoCat and use the Positive and Negative keywords, instead.

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Thanks, that does work. Except for one bug. Maybe it’s an accounting thing and not a bug.

Polarity=Positive matches 0, but Polarity=Negative does not match 0.

So, for cases where I want to ensure negative values, I have to create two rules. One with Polarity=Negative, and one with Amount=0.

This is by design:

“Polarity” - value is zero or positive if rule string is “positive”, value is negative if rule string is “negative”