Autocat categorizing regardless of min/max


I am using the autocat feature and I have some transactions that I’m looking for that can be a withdrawal transaction or a deposit. To alleviate this, I’ve setup the min/max to try to target only deposits and it still ends up categorizing the withdrawals. Is this a bug or maybe I am doing something incorrectly? I’d appreciate any help with this as I have to go through and double check the transactions coming in to ensure that they don’t get categorized incorrectly.

I struggled with something similar, trying to determine positive and negative values. Turns out they have a better way of handling that. In your AutoCat sheet, create a column called “Amount Polarity”. Use the values “Positive” or “Negative”. This has worked well for me. If it still doesn’t work, keep in mind the order your rules are in. I believe the first rule it hits wins, so if you have something happening to those transactions higher up on your list of rules, it maybe never makes it down to the min/max rules.


Thank you @jpfieber! The “Amount Polarity” column did it for me. I was unaware of this column.