Autocat not installing and crashing excel app

I’m new and figured I would give Tiller a try but the autocat install crashes the excel app on my mac. I can’t get passed this part, yes I have 365 and I’m saving the excel template on my local drive on my mac. The add in for Tiller feed works and fill works but not the auto cat or the debt planner.

I as well am new to Tiller and running into the same issue as @Jessntech with getting Autocat installed on Excel version 16.85 for Mac - MS365 Subscription. Running on Mac OS Sonoma 14.4.1. Mac and Excel are on the latest software builds.

Our team has learned that issue with your Excel spreadsheet crashing is caused by a recent update Microsoft has released and will be up to Microsoft to push a fix. Something with their update is not handling more complex spreadsheet infrastructures and sheet insertions.

There is a version update on Mac that you can get to fix the crashing, but you will have to click “Advanced” on the update screen and then choose the beta channel.

However, if you have the Debt Payoff Planner installed it will show an error/warning about running out of resources.

Is there a way to post a version of the foundations template that has autocat already installed? I can’t get it to install even with the beta workaround patch from Microsoft.