"Avg. Daily Expense" on Spending Trends

What exactly is the “Avg. Daily Expense” on the Spending Trends tab? I’m a new Tiller user, and I am loving the features so far, but this specific field doesn’t make sense to me. When I calculate what I’ve spent in the month divided by day, it’s nowhere close to the “Avg. Daily Expense”. Is this a field that is taking the average spend over the course of a year?

I just walked it back through the formulas and it is total unhidden categorized expenses divided by the number of days in the period in C6. Does that line up with your value, @SherpaTimone?

No, when I do the total expense/days in C6 period, it comes back a much higher number than the "Avg. Daily Expense. Could it be excluding certain unhidden categories?

This stuff can be hard to run to ground in a forum (without seeing the spreadsheet)…

I’d recommend unhiding the columns off to the right and tracking through the formulas a little to see the source data— this is what I usually do to debug this kind of issue. It shouldn’t take long to find where your numbers diverge from expectations.

Let me know what you find.

I unhide the entire formula, and realized that I misunderstood. I was thinking that the Avg. Daily Expense measured Total Expense/(Days that have occurred in the month). It’s Total Expense/(Total Days in month). Thanks for your time! I appreciate the guidance.

This is a good thing to call out. Thanks for figuring that out!

Since I use the “This Year” selection for my Insights, I found the current formula not helpful, especially in January as it’s averaging my expenses over the entire year. I’ve adjusted my formula to the following so that it won’t use future days in the calculation:


With the “if”, if I select a prior period, it will still use AA11 rather than today.

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That’s a nice enhancement, @wally.bryan. Thanks for sharing.

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