Total Spending by Account

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Is there anything in the Tiller Labs or anyone working on some code that would help me get a total amount spent by account (not the budget/actual line)?

Looking to be able to better monitor the several cards we use between all of us.

Thank you!


@brandonscottgardner, I don’t think any of the Labs solutions quite fit this. The closest is the Account Filter sheet but it doesn’t give you the ability to set a date range (if that’s important) and also doesn’t sum up anything for you. I added a =sum() to the top of mine and because I’m also making payments it doesn’t really give me the “spending” total but just the net after all the payments and spending.

A formula whiz here in the community could probably figure out how to get the =sum() type of concept to work where it filters out transfers or gives you the option to look at just transfers or just expenses :woman_shrugging:

Maybe an interesting concept for a future Labs solution or an upgrade to the Account Filter sheet @jonorlin / @randy

I just peeked at the sheet, @brandonscottgardner, and the Account Filter solution uses a QUERY() to pull transactions by account in cell A5. If you were to put a start date in cell C3 and an end date in cell D3, you could change the formula in A5 to leverage a date range in the query:

=iferror(QUERY(Transactions!A:Z,"SELECT "&join(",",arrayformula(vlookup({"Date","Description","Category","Amount","Account"},J3:K30,2,false)))&" WHERE "&K8&" = '"&B3&"' AND "&K3&" >= date '"&TEXT($C$3,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' and "&K3&" <= date '"&TEXT($D$3,"yyyy-mm-dd")&"' ORDER BY "&K3&" DESC"))


go to account filter tab, select/highlight the numbers you want to add up, then look at lower right hand corner of screen which will show you the sum. you can also sort the transactions page by account and select the numbers there.

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Thanks all I appreciate your help! I got some ideas from this that should help! Thanks again

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