Basic Bank Import Template: Paste Special Values Only Loses Date Formatting

When using the Basic Bank CSV workflow, there is a step that copies the Date, Description and Amount columns then instructs you to paste special values only into the Transactions Prep sheet. When I do this, the date formatting disappears and a integer is put in place of the normally recognized date format.

After I do this, must I somehow go back and add the date formatting to the date column? If so how do I do this and can I add this step as part of my macro? The video in the wiki shows the date format being preserved after the paste special values only operation.

Good question, @warren.e.bridges. Dates in Sheets are essentially numbers with special formatting. The number is the number of days since January 1, 1970.

You’ll probably get the best results if you reformat the number values into m/d/yy values by using Format/Number/Date in the Sheets menu bar.