Bill Payment - Quarterly Issue?

Seem to be having an issue with quarterly bills – I created a quarterly bill that will start November 1, which means checkboxes should appear in November, February, May, and August – for a total of 4 (quarterly). Instead, checkboxes are appearing in November, March, and July – for a total of 3.

Hi @kevinwholland,
Thanks for alerting us to this issue.

For now, you can change the formula in cell BD1 where it now says:

Changing the 4 to a 3 in the MOD function.

We are updating the sheet to Version 1.03 to fix this.


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New version works fine, thanks. This sheet is very helpful, since I’ve been keeping track of monthly bills with repeat Google Tasks just to make sure I don’t miss anything, and this is a good way to keep everything centralized in Tiller.

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