How to add 2 monthly bills to the bill payment tracker frequency section


Thanks for this template!

I am confused on how to add 2 monthly (fortnightly) bills to the template frequency section. Could you please detail how to do this exactly on google sheets?

Hi @natashamugavu,
The bill tracker is not designed to handle two monthly bills with the same description or category out of the box.

One way to do it, mentioned in the FAQ above, is to set up each of the two bills a month with slightly different names in the Transaction sheet Description field. (Unless you are using the Categories match, see 1st FAQ above).

Description (or categories) would be Rent #1 and Rent #2. Or Cleaning #1 and Cleaning #2. Would might need to manually overwrite the automatically feed Description or adjust the Category field in the Transactions sheet to make this work.

Treat each of these items as their own monthly bills. The first one each month would be #1 and the second one would be #2.

Then, this sheet would help you keep track of each of them.

Would that work for you?


Thanks for your reply Jono. Your suggestion was clearer to understand and I was able to add the fortnightly ones.

Is it possible for me to extend the date that toogles the red colouring to be on the row?

To be clear, I’d like the highlighted due dates to be for 9 days rather than the 7 days that is the default.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @natashamugavu ,
The color formatting for the rows and cell is determined by Conditional Format rules.

You can view and change them by:

  1. Select the white rectangle above row 1 and to the left of column A to select the entire sheet.

  2. Then select “Format” from the tool bar, then Conditional formatting.

  3. On the right, you will see the different format rules.
    You need to click on them to edit them.

For example, the 2nd one, that makes the top section yellow uses the custom formula;

If you change the 8 at the end to 10, that would give you 2 more days. You would also need to change the 8 to 10 in the other yellow custom format rule.

This Tiller blog post explains a little more about conditional formatting rules:


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This is what I was looking for, to setup fortnightly payments still not possible? @jono

Hi @omniiomega ,
I think the best solution to set up fortnightly payments is explained above.
I’m not aware of another good way to do it.
There have been no changes to this sheet since the last reply.