Monthly Analysis: How Can I Add a Row for Uncategorized Transactions?

I am an avid user of the Monthly Analysis tab, but I ran into a problem this month where I had forgotten to categorize an expense, and then my monthly analysis tab looked way off. It would be neat if I could have a line item at the bottom of the ‘income’ and ‘expense’ sections of the sheet that reflected all uncategorized transactions. Does anybody know how to do this?

There is a formula in cell K16 of the Monthly Budget that may be helpful. You may need to update the column references and the date range to work in the Monthly Analysis sheet.

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Thanks so much for the reply! I am actually using Monthly Analysis, which I believe is a labs feature, not Monthly Budget. It looks like the Monthly Budget but then has a column for every month of the year.

Right… but the formula in K16 of Monthly Budget essentially does what you want— count uncategorized transactions. I was recommending adding that to your spreadsheet so you could see if you can repurpose it into the Monthly Analysis. (Obviously you can delete it if it has no long-term value.)

Oh, I see how I misread your comment. Thank you!

Not your exact issue, but I would recommend two things to prevent uncategorized transactions: turn on filtering for the header row of your transactions sheet, and apply a conditional format to the Category column that turns it yellow if blank.

Once filtering is on, you can click on the header and turn off all categories except “(Blanks)” to see all the uncategorized line items together.

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Thanks, appreciate that. As a matter of sanity, I don’t categorize certain transactions that are below a certain $ threshold AND the result of weird fees, tiny dividend payments, or one-off transactions.

It would be nice if uncategorized transactions automatically went into a ‘uncategorized’ bucket, but I can see how that would be against the ‘track every penny’ ethos of most budget software.

Perhaps I’ll make my own category, ironically named ‘uncategorized’, and use that.

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One word of caution with conditional formatting in your Transactions sheet: if your formatting gets too fancy and takes too long for Google to process, it can lead to duplicate transactions because the sheet can’t refresh in the time that the Tiller Bot expects. Or something. Heather and team helped me diagnose this issue earlier this year…

Have you tried using the Category Rollup report from Tiller Labs? It’s another step, but it quickly pulls everything together by your preferred time period.

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Finally got a chance to check the Category Rollup out – it’s a nice feature, but I have a pretty good workflow going with Monthly Analysis (I like that it auto-updates and is essentially a balance sheet). I’m going to punt on the ‘uncategorized transactions’ project for now, but appreciate everybody’s suggestions. Thank you!

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