Bill Payment Tracker: Option to increase number of Upcoming Bill Payments

Hi there! First-time poster, long-time lurker. Tiller has single-handedly changed my life to make sure that I’m approaching my debt in a strategic way, and the Bill Payment Tracker is probably my best friend.

I was wondering if there was a way to increase the number of Upcoming Bill Payments from 20 to any number I choose (like 50). I love the ability to select all the cells for the next x amount of days and see how much I will be paying. Would love to be able to select the next 50 items, or whatever, and plan ahead.

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:wave: @branadonshutter !

Great question. I’m guessing that you could probably just add rows and extend the formulas for the Bill Payment Tracker to increase the amount of items you can track there. But I’ll let @jonorlin chime in as he’s the brains behind that one :wink:

Hi @branadonshutter ,
I’m glad the Bill Payment Tracker is your best friend. :slight_smile:
Here’s how you can add more rows to the Upcoming Bill Payment section.

  • Select any row or multiple rows from row number 17 to 21

The reason you shouldn’t copy any blank rows above row 17 is because there are some hard-coded formulas in the hidden part of the sheet above row 17 that could get messed up if you add rows there.

  • Then, Insert Rows below to add more rows.

  • You can do this multiple times to add additional blank rows. Just now above row 17.

  • Then change the formula in A5. Note where it says “LIMIT 15”. This limits the result to 15 rows. Change the number 15 to the number of rows you now have room for.

  • The formula in D5 should automatically adjust so the Est Amounts will fill in, if you followed the directions above. You will notice … VLOOKUP(C6:C25, … inside the formula. The C25 reference might show a different number after the C based on how many rows you add. Make sure this range matches the range in Column C starting in C6 to the last row of your Upcoming Bill Payments section. If that’s row 25, the range should be C6:C25 after the VLOOKUP(.

  • If you want more rows for the Bill History Query section, change the LIMIT 15 in the formula in F6 to the same LIMIT number you used in cell A5 above.

Let us know if that works for you.


This worked perfectly, thank you so much!

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