Updated Bill Payment Tracker template issue

I updated bill payment tracker, but I do not think it is connected to my tranasction sheet as Last paid and Last amount columns are not populating. I have my archives tab (2) of bill payment tracker there until this new tab works well. Is the archive tab interferring with the updated tab?.

@mbkuz, I don’t think the archived sheet should be interfering with anything.

@jono do you have any ideas on this one?

Hi @mbkuz,
The archived bill payment tracker shouldn’t have any impact on the new one.

Each Bill Payment Tracker sheet pulls data independently from the Transactions Sheet.

Check the following setting in the hidden part of the sheet.

To open the hidden columns, click the triangle at the top of column S. When done, select the hidden columns starting with T, right click and Hide those columns again.

Look at cell W2. There is a setting for Bills Match On Category or Description. Make sure it is set to the one you want to use.

I think this feature might have been added in a newer version of the sheet and might not match the original sheet.

Also, check that there are column letters listed for Date, Category and Amount in column V in the hidden part. If there aren’t, try installing a fresh sheet.

Let us know if this helped.


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