Bill Payment Tracker - Frequency and Last Paid issues

In my Bill Payment Tracker spreadsheet, under Bill Setup, the Frequency column cells have red flags in the corners saying “Invalid: Input must fall within specified range.” I clicked the dropdown and selected “Monthly” for my frequency but the flag remains.

Also, the Last Paid column is not adjusting. It says “no transactions” for all the cells even though I have paid transactions for the categories.

Experiencing the same issues with the “Last Paid” column. I archived my old version when I downloaded the new one and that one is still updating. Tried to cut and paste that formula to the new sheet but still shows the “no transactions”.

I also tried to download a new Bill Payment Tracker spreadsheet to start over, but now I can’t find it in the Solutions section of the Tiller Money Labs.

Are you matching bills based on Category or Description?

Check the setting in the hidden part of the sheet in W2. That may solve your “No transactions” problem. I think the default setting might have changed in one of the updates.

Regarding the flags in the frequency column, check that Frequency options are listed at the top of the hidden column AE. Also check the Data validation criteria for cell B24. It should be set to
='Bill Payment Tracker'!$AE$2:$AE$22.

Let us know if that solves the problems.



Regarding the “No transactions” problem, the setting was changed to Category. I changed it to Description and it fixed it.

Regarding the flags issue, all the Frequency options were there. I checked the Data Validation and that was the problem. I had changed the name of the sheet from Bill Payment Tracker to something else, and this was what created the invalidation. I changed it back to Bill Payment Tracker and adjusted the cells accordingly and it fixed it.

FYI: It did take me some time to find the hidden part of the sheet. Maybe provide some instructions on that next time. It took me some google research to find it.

Thanks for your help.



Hi @miguelcampos7 ,
I’m glad to hear those changes solved the problem and you were able to figure it out.

In general, you should try not to change the default Tiller sheet names as that could break some formulas.

For others wondering how to unhide hidden columns, you will a triangle in the last visible Column name. Click on that triangle to open the hidden columns. See it after Column S here:


To re-hide the columns, select the columns, right-click and select Hide Columns.

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