Bill Payment Tracker Minor Bug

Found a minor bug in this sheet when attempting to sort the Bill Payment list.

  1. Added new bill at bottom of Bill Payment green section.
  2. Select all bills in Bill Setup green section.
  3. Select Data>Sort Range>Advanced Range Sorting Options.
  4. Positive toggle for “Data has header row”.
  5. Sort by Frequency A>Z
  6. Sort by 1st Payment Date A>Z

I receive an “Unable to Load File” error. This is how I normally sort and it has worked fine up until my latest bill addition that I added last week. Not a huge issue other than annoying that I now have one bill out of order.

Does this error repeatable, @YouBet96? Usually errors like “Unable to Load File” have more to do with your local internet or Google services or changes. It doesn’t sound like a template design issue to me.

(Alerting @jono…)

Was wondering about that. Yes, it’s repeatable. Happens every time I try to sort now. I will try rebooting.

Hi @YouBet96 ,
What happens if you try to do a Sort on another sheet in the spreadsheet? Or another spreadsheet?

I haven’t seen this error on this sheet before. As you know, Sorting is a Google Sheets function, not a Tiller script or formula in the sheet. So it is odd and doesn’t seem like the sheet itself should cause this issue.

If you are using a Chrome browser, and are able to View → Developer → Developer Tools, then look at the Console tab to see if any error messages appear. They might not be easily decipherable but still might be worth a look at that tab or some of the others in the Tools to see if anything is odd.

Let us know what you find.

Ok, I’ve run a few tests on this. My default browser is Brave and so I tested this in Chrome as well to rule out a browser issue but it happens in both browsers.

Tested Sorting in other Tiller workbook sheets and I’m able to sort fine so it seems to only be on this sheet. Looking at the Developer Console I get this output when I execute the Sort:

Screenshot 2022-05-30 112350

No idea what any of this means.

Thanks for doing that troubleshooting.
I’m not able to make much sense of that.
@randy - Any idea?

@YouBet96, I think this is more of a Google Sheets bug than a Tiller bug. Can you try not using the Data >Sort Range option?

I had another customer report this same issue in our transactions sheet when he didn’t include column A in his filtered columns so perhaps something changed with their filtering that’s causing this issue or maybe something about the new bill you added that breaks some rule with the filter/sorting capability.

Welp, this suddenly works today. I’ve changed nothing. Must have been a glitch in the Google Matrix.

Very odd.