Broken Connections, Laggy Spreadsheets, Missing Transactions

I’ve used Tiller the past several years to do my business’ annual taxes. I haven’t encountered these problems before, but the solution has been borderline unusable and it’s made it very difficult for me to trust the data it’s pulling in.

  • Roughly 6 months of transaction data was missing across a random number of accounts. I had to download CSVs and then bring them in (which took hours). I had to manually confirm which accounts brought in data and for which date ranges
  • I’ve manually tried bringing the corrected rows, but the Google sheet begins breaking. The Google sheet gets stuck on “Syncing offline changes” and doesn’t let me refresh or advance. Re-opening the spreadsheet does not help
  • The success rate of Yodlee actually connecting to my account when I try to re-log in to them is extremely low. It’s also extremely laggy

I’ve removed and re-added my bank accounts. I’ve tried recreating the spreadsheet a few times. Nothing works

I just wanted to voice my frustration because Tiller was supposed to save me time during tax season, but it’s created hours more of work. I’m going to look for a new solution for next year

@yanda -

I’ve run into similar issues and it’s hard to tell where the problem is.

Keep in mind that the Tiller solution is a central hub of sorts, with spokes that reach out to thousands of different institutions that can make breaking changes on their end. For example, syncing with CIT bank has been broken for awhile, not because of Tiller, but because CIT bank has an issue on their end that prevents MFA login from working properly. This same problem exists across other platforms that connect to CIT (e.g., Mint/Credit Karma, Personal Capital, etc.).

So, moving to any other solution isn’t likely to fix the problem, insofar as they are connecting to and aggregating data from third parties. I almost made the same move, but then realized that Tiller is still the best I have to import data into Google Sheets.

Hopefully over time the issues will resolve, because I agree, they are certainly frustrating. One thing to note, is that new sheets can be created at any time and should be able to refresh the required data when third party issues are resolved.

In any case, I’d love to hear other’s opinions on this, because I’ve faced similar issues.

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@yanda we recommend reaching out to our support team directly for these types of issues as we’re the best equipped to help.

I understand this is frustrating to spend hours trying to backfill missing data. If there was any point where you became inactive with Tiller that could be why you’re seeing missing transactions. Our data provider requires that customers manually refresh their accounts at least once every 90 days in order to be considered “active” - if you don’t your account is flagged as inactive and automatic refreshes will stop. This is a security feature.

This issue might be related to the offline sync feature in Google Sheets. Here’s a guide that should help with turning that setting off.

I recommend reviewing the FAQ section in this Help Article for more information on why the refreshes can be slow or unreliable.