Broken Transactions tab

Hey Tiller Community,

I recently had a transaction stuck at the top of my transactions feed. The top row with the headers (Date, Description, Amount, etc) got deleted and I manually replaced them.

Since then, the transactions tab has not pulling in data to my budget tabs for Income or Expenses. (Monthly, Yearly).

I’ve refreshed the Budget templates, but I am not seeing a refresh option for the Transactions tab.

What’s the best route for recovery here?

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If this was recent go into the version history of sheets and see what was the entry before the one that got stuck, and if you restore that version and re-ran the tiller feeds to see if it populate correctly then.
(Make sure you save a copy of that sheet first in case there’s any new data you want to save)

If that doesn’t work and you have less than 90 days of data it might be worthwhile to restart from a new foundation template. Because depending on the top header rows got replaced/deleted it might have broken links to the other tabs.

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I have had this happen once in about 4 years. I thought it was a Tiller Sync issue. I ended up restoring a previous version of the spreadsheet. The problem hasn’t happened again.

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Restoring previous version worked! Thanks @jemmoa7 and @ctlee

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