Broken transactions sheet

Hi all,

I seem to have broken my sheet :frowning: Whenever checking for new transactions or balances it’s says there is 0 - however I created a test new sheet and they are flowing through on that.

I’d prefer to repair my sheet - can i copy the transactions sheet off my new test sheet, and delete the current one safely?


I don’t know the answer to your question but I can make some interim suggestions until the smart people show up :slight_smile: Have you tried reverting to an earlier version? Assuming you have and it didn’t work, here’s what I’d do.

First I’d make a backup copy of the entire sheet (all tabs). File>Make a copy.

Then I’d make a copy of the broken Transactions tab. And then I’d do exactly what you describe - copy the working transactions tab to your sheet, rename it Transactions and quickly cross your fingers. It might work. Worst case, you just undo by reverting.

BUT. I’m afraid that you will still be in a pickle going forward as none of this fixes the not-getting-new problem. I’m sorry.