Budgeted amounts not showing up in "Monthly Budget" tab

Some of the budgeted amounts in my “Categories” tab are not showing up in the “Monthly Budget” and I have no idea why. The Category and Group show up in the “Monthly Budget” tab, but the budgeted amount shows up as $0 even though I entered an amount in the “Categories” tab. Any idea why this might be happening and how to fix it? Thanks!

Hi Eilean,

Can you please double check the month is selected at the top right of the Monthly Budget sheet and make sure that month has a budget value on the Categories sheet?


Hi Heather,

Yes to both. The Monthly Budget sheet is set to “September” and there are values filled in under the September column in the Categories sheet.

I think there is some sort of mismatch between the Monthly Budget and Categories sheet. Because when I change the numbers under the October column in the Categories sheet, the budget numbers in the Monthly Budget sheet change to match (even both the Monthly Budget sheet is definitely set to September). What’s the best way to resolve this?

Thank you!

I figured it out! I had added a “Tags” column in the Categories sheet in order to calculate my estimated quarterly taxes in the Est Quarterly Tax sheet. I had added this “Tags” column to the left of the “January 2019” column in the Categories sheet which appears to have thrown off the column counting in the Monthly Budget sheet. I moved the “Tags” column to the right of the “December 2019” column in the Categories sheet and now everything is flowing through correctly to the Monthly Budget sheet.

Not sure if this is already included in the instructions for setting up the Est Quarterly Tax sheet, but if not, you guys may want to let users know they should insert the “Tags” column to the right of the “December 2019” column in the Categories sheet.

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Mine is between Type and Hide. Yours too? Mine is two columns left of January. Was yours directly left of January? See article below for what I did. I did Tags by itself. I think you got Tags as part of Est Quarterly Tax. Thanks.

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My Tags column was between Type and Hide on the Categories sheet, but that was causing my Monthly Budget sheet to pull the wrong column (I would select September, but it would show me October’s numbers). I moved my Tags column to the right of the December 2019 and that fixed it!

Thanks, @eilean. I’ll let our template engineers know about this. Hopefully we can fix it so that doesn’t break the Foundation template budgeting sheets.


Thanks for bringing this bug in the Monthly Budget sheet to our attention, @eilean. I was able to reproduce the problem as you described it and implemented a fix to the Monthly Budget solution (now at version 1.61).

If you’d like to update your sheet (so you can position the Tags column wherever you’d like), here are the steps:

  1. Open the Tiller Labs add-on
  2. Go to Manage Solutions
  3. Open the Monthly Budget spinner
  4. Click Update Sheet

Other than the date configuration settings, there isn’t much data stored in either the Monthly or Yearly Budgets so replacing this sheets shouldn’t cause any problems (unless you have made additions or edits to the base functionality).

At this point, you should be able to drag/reposition the Tags column anywhere you’d like within the Categories sheet.

There is a chance that the restore operation will break your Yearly Budget sheet (which has some cell references back into the Monthly budget). If you see any issues, use the process above to restore/update your Yearly Budget as well.

Thanks for your patience and help in getting the Monthly Budget sheet fixed.
Let me know if this fix works for you.

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Hi @randy, I followed your instructions and everything works! Didn’t update the Yearly Budget sheet because it looks to be fine.

I really appreciate you and @heather fixing this issue! I’ve never experienced such excellent customer service. The two of you have made me a loyal Tiller user. Thank you!


Really happy to hear you’re back up and running, @eilean.
Thank your for the appreciation!


In my opinion, the new Tiller Community has allowed Tiller to ramp up (make better) their already great customer service. I have seen it first hand over the last two weeks. Please keep it up. Thanks, Blake


Hello everyone, I am having the exact same issue. I have checked the spreadsheet and it says its the most current version. I have budgets in my categories tab but it is showing as 0 in the monthly budget. Appreciate help!