Budgeted amounts not showing up in "Monthly Budget" tab

Thanks for bringing this bug in the Monthly Budget sheet to our attention, @eilean. I was able to reproduce the problem as you described it and implemented a fix to the Monthly Budget solution (now at version 1.61).

If you’d like to update your sheet (so you can position the Tags column wherever you’d like), here are the steps:

  1. Open the Tiller Labs add-on
  2. Go to Manage Solutions
  3. Open the Monthly Budget spinner
  4. Click Update Sheet

Other than the date configuration settings, there isn’t much data stored in either the Monthly or Yearly Budgets so replacing this sheets shouldn’t cause any problems (unless you have made additions or edits to the base functionality).

At this point, you should be able to drag/reposition the Tags column anywhere you’d like within the Categories sheet.

There is a chance that the restore operation will break your Yearly Budget sheet (which has some cell references back into the Monthly budget). If you see any issues, use the process above to restore/update your Yearly Budget as well.

Thanks for your patience and help in getting the Monthly Budget sheet fixed.
Let me know if this fix works for you.

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