Budgeting by Category GROUP

How do people manage budgets by overall category? I don’t find it very useful to manage my shopping budget by subcategories but the overall amount and want to check against that.

Is there no solve for this, or am I forced to just get this granular?

Most of the published tools are built around budgeting by category, as you have seen, @robertgranholm.

That said, the Monthly Budget and Savings Budget dashboards roll up to report at the group level. This means, you can track and manage at the group level… but you will have to input budgets at the category level.

There are probably some clever things you can do with formulas to build you category-level budgets in the Categories sheet (i.e. instead of writing in static values month by month) that could make it easier to spread the budget evenly.

Thanks, understandable just takes more time to manage…but those of who are here, well, we take the time to manage. Thanks for the reply.


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