Budgetsheet and Money Feeds - same or different?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but what’s the relationship (if any) between Budgetsheet and Money Feeds? Is one enough, or do they go together and must both remain active?

If they’re different, what is the difference?


Not entirely clear on your question, but if you’re asking if you can keep your sheets without maintaining the tools that the Money Feeds provide through a Tiller subscription, then the answer is yes. The sheet is yours once its downloaded to your Google account, but you won’t be able to update any of your accounts automatically or use any of the other tools provided through the Money Feeds. Does that answer your question?

Thanks, dmetiller. My question is a bit more stupid than what you guessed. :slight_smile:

I noticed yesterday that the sheets didn’t seem to have the latest transactions, and looked in the Extensions, and saw both of those two extensions. I’m just confused about whether they’re a pair that works together (and therefore I need them both installed), or if I can delete one. I don’t actually do budgeting in Tiller. I just track my transactions.

That being the case, can I remove the Budgetsheets one? Sounds from its name like that’s for budgeting.

I have never seen a BudgetSheet Add-on as part of Tiller. I suspect it is some other vendors add-on

Thanks, richl.

I’m not positive, but I think this may have been a different app I once tried as a Mint replacement. Now the question is how to remove it. I withdrew the Google permissions, but here in the Tiller Google sheet, when I go to Manage Add-ons, I get a blank popup. Same thing happens if I go to Document Add-ons and click on this one in the sidebar.

Oh, silly me. That was my VPN getting in the way. Turned it off, then got into the Add-ons popup and removed the other app. Case closed. Thanks for your help!

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