[Bug Report] AutoCat Advanced Rule Builder formats date filters incorrectly

Using the Tiller Money Feeds extension in Google Sheets, the AutoCat tool lets you create rules with the Advanced Rule Builder. One of the options is to create a rule for the Date column using Equals, Max, or Min criteria. The rule builder creates this column in the AutoCat sheet if it doesn’t already exist. The column that’s created is formatted as plain text and as a result the comparisons for Max and Min do not work correctly.

I suggest that the Tiller team should take a look and consider updating the Advanced Rule Builder to check the format of the column referenced by the filter criteria and reuse that same formatting for the new column it creates in the AutoCat sheet.

Users can workaround this by reformatting the created column themselves.

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Hi @tommyv - AutoCat doesn’t really support rules that evaluate against columns formatted as Dates, and that’s likely why it added it as plain text.

In my testing, it does work if you reformat the column in the AutoCat sheet. :person_shrugging:

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I just peeked at the code and it looks like Autocat SHOULD work on Dates with the Max and Min filters.

Is this new @randy? We have a note in the AutoCat guide that says that AutoCat won’t work on Dates. Can you share more on the expected behavior there so we can document it?

Sorry for the delay in testing this, @tommyv. The code looks like the Min and Max criteria should work with the Date column, but, in my testing, I couldn’t get it to work.

So, sorry for the misplaced optimism…

Thanks Tommy for your post - I followed your suggestion and was able to get this functionality working too.

(I’m using the latest version of the Foundation template.)

I also just changed the formatting for the “Date Min” and “Date Max” columns in the AutoCat sheet to be Number > Date, and then AutoCat works on my transactions.