Build a template of what to pay each month

Hi, I have almost a years of transactions to use.
Is it possible for tilller to show what is currently due from a CC account?

I have a “what gets paid” spreadsheet that I use to propagate my check register (also a spreadsheet). This allows me to reconcile my bank balance on any given day and also project my balance into the remaining current and next month. I do not however have CC balance in that sheet. I pay my entire balance (plus whatever charges are not yet posted) on the last day of each month. So, that’s going to vary. I just estimate what that balance will likely be. Over the years, I’m pretty good at getting with $250.

What you are asking for is easily possible. If you install the Business Dashboard, it will list all your Assets and Liabilities in a cell that does not change location, unlike the Balance History sheet (unless you add/remove accounts). You can just copy and paste the cell address into the dashboard you are creating and it will carry over that balance as of the last time you refreshed.

I have created a big dashboard that contains pretty much everything I need and reconciles my actual assets against my rollover savings (I use the rollover dashboard). This is a great way to get a snapshot of what’s important to you.

Thank you! It showed the balances as of today. I can have it copy over to a sheet of what to pay and also what is available. I was trying to find a way that my daughter would know what to pay when she takes over finances after I die. I was just starting to look into balance history, but I see it is much easier to import form balances form. Thanks John