Can I get more than one Net Worth Snapshot?

A long while back, I tailored the Net Worth Snapshot to always show me today’s NW vs yesterday’s NW. It’s perfect for me.

BUT, I’d love to also have a tab of Net Worth Snapshot of today vs. this day last year. And maybe a third that be like the original and offer me customizable options.

Is there any way to have multiples of the sheets?

@susandennis ,

I just made three and nothing exploded and they all appear to work.

Proceed with caution.

Click on the triangle to the right of the name on the tab and select duplicate.

Work for you?



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DOH! YES! it totally works and i’m not feeling super bright that i didn’t think of it. I was getting a fresh version from the lab and it was over riding my tailored version. Your way, does, indeed, give me duplicates!

Thank you.