Can I track monthly spending

Hello all-
I am currently a YNAB user looking to switch to Tiller. I love YNAB’s envelope budgeting (I understand Tiller offers envelope budgeting too) but I need more.

My wife and I are retired and our incoming funds are not always predictable, I can supplement from our investments if needed. What I want to do is to live with a fairly strict total monthly budget. So when money comes in, I would like to tag it somehow to a specific month in addition to assigning it to an envelope. Once all entries for a given month is over, I would retag any left over money to another month.


The Envelope Register template I just released can do some of this. You can add income to the envelope by tagging it, and filter the transactions by month. The only part that wouldn’t work is carrying over leftover funds. You’d have to manually note that number, and then add a manual transaction within that sheet dated in the next month.

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I think you could do this using the Savings Budget template (which is what most people use for envelope budgeting, I think).

You would set the monthly income budget to accord with your monthly targets (in the Categories sheet). If there’s any leftover money, it would become savings and you could assign it to a General Savings category (in the Savings Budget sheet). If necessary, you could then pull that money out of that General Savings category in a subsequent month to offset actual expenses.

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Is there a way to get your savings to show up in the monthly budget? For instance, If I have $1000 in my checking account, but I have earmarked $300 of that in the savings budget for a future expense, I would like it to show somewhere that I can only spend $700 of my checking balance. Where would I see that?

If I’m understanding you correctly, I think you would simply adjust your expense budget to reflect that. You’d allocate $300 to a savings budget and that would leave $700 to be allocated for expenses.