Can we get estimated real estate value in a Tiller Money solution?

I have my current home and two investment properties that I’d like to properly have the estimated value in my sheets. Currently I have my mortgages all linked up so everything shows up as liabilities and there is no call out of the equity I have in these properties subtracting mortgage amount from estimated real estate value.

I saw a post about getting the API from zillow to do the zestimate and I’m just not there technically to pull it off so I’m hoping there is a plug and play solution for this. I’m able to see this in Mint right now so I’m hoping to do the same here.

Is this a solution that I can just turn on for my existing sheets? Is there a simple add on I can use? Any help/insight would be much appreciated.


@justinjayjohnson - I feel ya. I actually tried to get the Zillow API to work and it didn’t. Followed it to the T and then posted for help - none received. I ended up adding a manual account for my home and my vehicles, just for a more accurate snapshot of my net worth.

I actually posted this as a feature request (make it a “Solution”) in the appropriate forum. Feel free to cast a vote for it or also post this request there.

Much needed, IMHO. A great feature of Mint.

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Sorry to leave you hanging, @Adam_B.
I retested the Zillow script and posted a response to your question.

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Good question, @justinjayjohnson. Right now, the best I can offer is this Zillow script. I can imagine that it may look daunting but I’d be happy to help clarify the process and instructions if you’re up for giving it a try.

To your point about making it easy, I’d love to include the script as part of the Tiller Money Labs add-on. The script is relatively simple and easy to embed in our add-on. The issue is that I don’t have a good solution yet on how to help users easily get a property ID (zpid) or a Zillow Web Services ID (zwsid).

I’ll continue to think on this, but your best bet is the script for now.

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Got it, thanks! I think we’re almost there…