House and car value

This question has been asked before a couple years ago, but I’m hoping to get a different answer now or else propose some ideas.

Is there a way to easily update house and car values?

In some other posts, I’ve seen some Excel scripts that may or may not work. At this point, I’m thinking the easiest thing to do would be:

  1. Use my HomeAssistant server.
  2. Use the “Zillow Value” addon to download value from Zillow automatically using my Zillow API key (which I applied for a couple days ago but haven’t received yet). The reason to use the AddOn is because it’s under active development so will always work.
  3. In excel, query my HomeAssistant server’s API to get the latest value.

But honestly, I feel like this should probably be built into Tiller… it’s a very common feature in all net worth tracking software.

Do you have a link to the previous discussion, that might help with the troubleshooting?
You could add it to the feature request but the program uses Yodlee to pull in data feeds so it’s not something they can just turn on.
The support article below has a section for the Zillow question, is that the process you were referencing above?

Yeah, I don’t expect to be able to use Yodlee to get it. It would have to coming directly from Zillow or Redfin.

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I found a working formula that simply scrapes the XML from Zillow’s site:

I tried it and it worked for me. Not sure how reliable it will be.

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That’s great and thanks for sharing, @RedNell. Those tend to work until they change their web design… but may as well use the scraping recipe while it works.

I was searching for a way of importing Zestimates into Excel, and there is a way to do this without having to deal with scripts:

  1. Get the public url for the home you’d like to track. It will look like this:[your home address]/########_zpid/?view=public
  2. In Excel, go to: Data => Get Data => From Other Sources => From Web
  3. Paste in the Zillow url and hit “OK”
  4. Select Table 5 from the Navigator window
  5. Hit “Load”.
    A new tab will be created with a table, where the first row will have the zestimate. This table can be refreshed.
    So does add a manual refresh step, but otherwise straightforward.
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