Home and Auto as Asset

Quick question. I want to add home and autos as assets. I already have the loans setup as manual accounts. Do I need to create a duplicate manual account and list them as assets and put the values in?

That’s what I’ve done. I have manual accounts for the home and cars, and I periodically update their values. This, when combined with the liability from the mortgage and car loans should then better reflect your Net Worth.


Yes, I pull my home value from Zillow. There used to be an automated feed, but Zillow doesn’t support that anymore. There was a bit of discussion in thread about tracking home and auto as assets. People used Kelley Blue Book to track values of their cars.

Here’s the old thread if you’re currious, again the tool doesn’t work anymore :frowning: : Track the value of your home via a Zillow script

Yes… Sadly Zillow obsoleted the API the old script used. There is a simple alternative to the script that will just require a bit of experimentation.


I use Zillow for home value knowing it’s variability and I use kbb and try to understate slightly the value. I update house whenever I get the Zillow email and my car every 4-6 months.

Hey @hneely! What email do you get? Do you mind forwarding one to me? If so, I’ll DM you the email address to send it to.

I’ve had this crazy idea that Randy might be able to resurrect some form of a Zillow git hub script project by parsing an email from Zillow and scraping the home value data out of it. :crazy_face:

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I found the ‘simple alternative’ he mentioned works fine for me: Google Sheets Zillow Import Script by Darin
I tweaked a few things to help it better fit what I was looking for, but the basic function of it pulled in my home value and added it to my Balance History just like I was looking for. Maybe Randy can put a little polish on that?

I’d love to @jpfieber… but Zillow isn’t excited about web scraping on their site. :slightly_frowning_face:

Gottcha, can’t really use website scraping as an officially supported way of getting the info. In that case, the email would be fair game for getting the info, just a bit trickier to do!

Do you get regular emails with Zestimates, @jpfieber? They are not that different to scrape. Let me think on it.

I used to, but stopped some time back when the original Zillow api solution was working. I bet the scraping would work with the email, its just that the script is going to have to reach into your Gmail (and would require users to use Gmail) to get the message before it can scrape it, so that adds some complexity.

As a disclaimer, this is all “unofficial” :slight_smile: we have no intent on offering Zestimates as part of our core product in the foreseeable future.

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