Home Value for Net Worth

What is the best way to manually add the value of my home (and vehicles if I want to get that granular) to the Net Worth sheets? Is it as simple as adding a line underneath all the other assets, or should I enter it into one of the background sheets that the Net Worth sheet is pulling its info from?

I added my house and automobiles to the Accounts tab (may be hidden) then manually insert a line on the Balance Updates tab once a month for each. [That was before I realized there was a tool in the sidebar for adding and updating manual accounts. Here’s an article on that feature: https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/3251091-adding-balances-for-manual-accounts]

For home value, I get an email from Zillow once a month. For cars, I use CarFax (https://www.carfax.com/value/) and enter the condition/miles/color/etc. It’s a ballpark value but gives me a decent picture of the overall, and keeps the loans from making my Net Worth overly negative.


Great guidance, @jameswoosley. The only thing I’d clarify is that the Accounts sheet functions essentially as optional overrides to content in the Balance History sheet. New accounts will be available in the Accounts sheet dropdown once they have at least one row of data in the Balance History sheet.

If a new account is added via a single balance entry in Balance History, it doesn’t need a configuration row in the Accounts sheet unless overrides for Class, Group and Hide are desired.

If you want to add an unlinked (non automated feeds) account (e.g. a home value), add it to Balance History FIRST. You can do this by manually adding a new row in that table or by using the manual balance tool.

If you want to go next level, consider integrating the Tiller Labs Zillow script. It requires a bit of confidence with scripts and configuration, but it can make tracking home values easier once setup.

Hope this helps, @dnlhflnd.

Thanks for the tips @jameswoosley and @randy - I greatly appreciate it! My net worth isn’t nearly as depressing now! :laughing:

Thanks Gentlemen, I was about ready to post the exact question jameswoosley addressed! My thanks to jameswoosley, Randy, and dnlhflnd! Networth is not as depressing…

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Glad to hear it, @hall.thomas.e!


Please see the message I just sent to you.


Does anyone else use multiple sources to get estimated values for house and cars?

Mint will auto calculate an amount for both. B