Cash Flow Forecast not pulling in data from categories sheet correctly

I added the Cash Flow Forecast (CFF) and Retirement Planner (RP) to my Foundation Template yesterday. I really struggled getting the CFF to work and after about an hour, I decided to remove it and re-add it. That worked. I was able to see the correct dates although my budget did not come in. I manipulated the budget data since it is annual data anyway and began adding life events to update the cash flow. Today I opened my template and the CFF reverted back to the wrong dates (1900 is the start year for some reason). Since the dates are wrong and I need help, I would also ask for help in getting the correct budget loaded at the same time. When I edited the link for the sheet to reference my foundation template, it didn’t change anything.

That is strange, @kyle.g.mclane.

It looks like the lookup into the Category budget data is failing somehow (or else those budgets do not have the correct century in the header).

I think one possibility is that the source dates are misentered. I’d dig into the formulas with the 1900-year dates and follow those references upstream until you find out where the source of the issue is.

I installed the cash flow forecast and the retirement planner sheets and I seemed to have the same problem as Kyle. When changing the source to the Tiller Foundation, it did not break the link with the original. Downloaded file… I broke the link manually but the data did not update it stayed the same as the original file. Never updated with my category and budget information…

@kyle.g.mclane - This looks great. I am new to tiller and I have been looking for this kind of template. Can you share a teplate with CFF & Retirement Planner if possible ?

@raovenu here is the Retirement Planner and links to the Cash Flow Forecast in Excel: Retirement Planner Template (Excel)

Here they are in gSheets: Docs: Retirement Planner Template

Awesome!!!. Thank you Morgan. I will explore on this now.

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Happy to help! The Community can be a little hard to navigate when you’re first diving in.

I decided to keep the cash flow and retirement unlinked. In my opinion, the goal of cash flow is to be zero or near zero every year. Any excess funds should be invested or put in savings. I am utilizing investment adjustments in the retirement sheet for savings and Roth contributions to account for the excess cash flow which works for me.

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Makes senes, @kyle.g.mclane. Thanks for sharing your workflow.