Category Tracker (Excel)

Can you share what the error message for the #NAME? error says, please?

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I get an “Invalid Name Error”. No matter the category I choose, I get the same issue.

Hello, any follow up or suggestions recommend? I’m still having an issue getting the report to show me what I need.

Having the same issue but gave up when there was no follow-up from support or fix.

Just peeking at this. I can’t reproduce it at this point. The formula in J9 looks pretty straightforward:


Could you try to isolate which part of the formula Excel doesn’t recognize? E.g. see if you can create a simple formula with SUMPRODUCT() or ISBLANK() etc…

You two (@DIGS & @adekunledauda) are on the 1.62 version? What is your OS and Excel version? Are you running Excel in the cloud?

What happens if you replace SUMPRODUCT with just SUM?

Mine is now working. I haven’t look at it since I reported the error months ago but give it a try after seeing your post and it worked with no change to the formula.

Bizarre. Glad to hear it is working now.
(Hard to know what to do about the template… :thinking:)

I’ve tried both SUMPRODUCT() and ISBLANK() without issue in my spreadsheet. I’ll have to dig in some more and try to troubleshoot but so far, no luck.

I’m unsure where to find in Tiller what version I’m on. I’m using Windows 11 Version 22H2. Excel version is Microsoft 365 (Version 2212 - Build 15928.202.16) and I’m using the Desktop App version.

Hi @DIGS - generally we see this NAME error when you’re using a version of Excel that does not support the functions in the template, but if you’re using a version installed from Microsoft 365 it shouldn’t be an issue.

Do you have a previous version of Excel also installed on the computer? Sometimes Excel will behave oddly if there is an older version installed in addition to the newer M365 version.

I did/maybe still do have Professional 2021 installed. I tried to force Office 365 but it does still recognize the other version. I’ll give it a go to uninstall the Pro version and come back to update my status.

Ok, @DIGS. Let us know. We appreciate your persistence on this.