Category Tracker Report sorting

On the Category Tracker tab, the report is sorted alphabetically by the category. Instead, I would like to sort it by the column B which is the $ amount. Unfortunately when I sort column B (A-Z or Z-A) all the categories disappear. They all come back only if column A is sorted again.

Can column B be sorted?

I have played around with this report and am experiencing the same behavior you described in that the categories are disappearing if sorted by the amount.

@randy Can you give us some insight if there is a practical way to sort by amount instead of by category without breaking the formulas in this template.

Hi @SailCS33 and @warren,
There is a way to sort the Category list in the Category Tracker sheet by the $ amount.
You will need to change the formula in Cell A7.

In the formula:
=iferror(QUERY($G$7:$I$200,"SELECT G, H WHERE I<>'Hide' AND G<>'' ORDER BY G ASC LABEL G '', H ''", -1),"")

Change the letter after ORDER BY from G to H. The new formula would be:

=iferror(QUERY($G$7:$I$200,"SELECT G, H WHERE I<>'Hide' AND G<>'' ORDER BY H ASC LABEL G '', H ''", -1),"")

Note that if Tiller updates this sheet and you download it, you will need to adjust the formula again.



Great fix. Thanks, @jonorlin!

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