Category Tracker sheet

Cant see the labs add-on? Cant add Category Tracker sheet? How can I do it now?

Tiller Community says:

Here are the steps to get it.

  • Go to Add Ons (in row about the sheet) and click on Get Add Ons
  • Search for Tiller Labs
  • Install
  • Go to Add Ons and click on Tiller Labs and click on Launch
  • Now Click on Add a Solution and look for Category Tracker
  • Install

Yeah those instructions are missing one step. Assuming you are using Google Sheets, click on “Extensions” in the menu above the sheet but below the file name. Then follow the steps you outlined.

Thanks for helping, @derek.john.steele. Can you point me to the instructions you were referencing, @Jmichael, so I can fix them?

(Google changed their menu hierarchy a few years back and some of the older templates have stale documentation.)

Sorry for the hassle.

I found them, my filter was looking at wrong thing.

James Herbertson