Changing settings in spending money

I really like the concept behind the spending money sheet. However, because I have an irregular income, I even it out by allocating myself a set amount per month, and I’d like to reflect that amount in the “estimated cash flow.”

I tried manually changing my estimated cash flow to my set allocation, but it didn’t have any impact on the “estimated available spending money” box, which seems to have picked an arbitrary number (I doubt it’s actually arbitrary, but I can’t figure out what it’s based on).

So my first question is whether it’s possible to manually override the estimated cash flow amount in a way that will be reflected in the estimated available spending money box.

Second, I noticed that the “discretionary spending so far” box was very high because it included categories that I had chosen to hide. The only way I could eliminate those categories from discretionary spending was to label them as “transfers.” Is that the best solution? I’d prefer to keep them as “expenses,” since that’s what they are.

Thanks in advance.