Income savings and budget adjustments

Hi folks,

I’ve just finished an end of year tidy up to my budget using the adjustments column. There were quite a few that ran over. No problem, I zeroed them out by making and applying the a budget adjustment in the month of December.

That all makes good sense.

The bit where I’m confused, is that the savings in the income category did not adjust automatically to cover the increased budgeted amounts for that month. There’s enough there to cover, and I consider that money has been spent to cover the over runs, so is no longer available, but it’s still showing as available in the income savings column.

Do I simply make an equal adjustment to the income rows in the same way I did for the expense rows?
Or am I missing something?


You will need to balance adjustments 1:1 manually to manage cashflow. Adding adjustments to cover overrages will require a like manual adjustment to the income side if you are trying to balance cashflow.

So yes… make an equal adjustment in the savings row.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.