Savings Budget - Savings Column Question

I am working on the savings prototype and don’t know what the purpose of savings column is? My expectation is that adding to savings should reduce the available rollover adjustment as there is less money available since it was added to savings.

I would also like totals in the headers.

The savings column shows what are effectively “rollover” or “envelope” category balances. Any “Available” money within a category will rollover as the “Savings” in the subsequent month.

If you add to the “Savings” column, to make the addition cashflow neutral, you will need to create an offsetting adjustment in another column. For example, if you’re short on grocery money, you can adjust Vacation by -$50 and then adjust Groceries by +$50.

We are working on totals in the headers. Hope to have that online in a few weeks.

Thanks for your feedback, @jason91487

I am also having an issue with the adjust savings. Adjusting in budget mode seems to work fine. But when I set the adjust to savings, and, say, add $100 to a line, it will look like it is working – I can see the extra $100 appear in the savings column, and the amount available for that line item increases by $100 – but then, when I click “Update Savings Budget,” all the changes are wiped away and all of the amounts return back to what they were before I made the adjustment.