Conditional formatting for Yearly Budget template

I want to have over/under spending on the annual and monthly sections of the Yearly Budget template be different colors form the base colors. Does anyone have a formula for this? Thank you.

Hi @stan:

Here is a great source for that:

I am new to Tiller & Google Sheets. I have followed the steps to create some conditional formatting in the Yearly Budget template – but they don’t ‘stick’. When I come back to the spreadsheet the conditional formatting has either vanished …or actually moved to a different line in the spreadsheet. Any idea what I can do to correct this?

Hi @murraycathy.mpb:

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Hmmmm… I try not to change the Yearly Budget Template, because it is very customized already. Google’s Conditional Formatting probably does not anticipate being used with a sheet of this kind of customization already present, so you have to be very thoughtful about how to direct the changes you want.

I have had that experience from time to time, and the solution sometimes can be found in the part of the conditional formatting dialogue where you indicate which range the rule should be applied: Apply to Range. If you want it to be applied to an entire column, F, for example, you can use this formula: F2: F. Confirm this part of the dialogue is pointing to the target column for formatting and be sure to click, Done.

But my hunch is you wish to apply a conditional format to certain “spots” in the Yearly Budget template rather than entire columns. Is that right? This can still be done, but as I said, you have to be thoughtful about what cells you wish to format and create a rule with those addresses.

If this is the case, highlight the spots you want to format first, then open the Conditional Formatting tool. With the selection highlighted, click the +Add Another Rule, and the selection will populate as the target of the formats you then further define.

Hope that helps…if this is way off, reply here and I or another community member can try to help further.

Thanks for the reply. Good suggestions. Unfortunately the problem is not getting the formatting in place originally - its getting the formatting to ‘stick’ to the cells I set bit up for. When I come back to the spread sheet in a new session the formatting has migrated, usually to the row below.
The whole purpose of this effort is to set up a monitoring system so another person can monitor idf we are fulfilling our obligations or meeting our budget projections. Maybe you have a suggestion of a better strategy ?